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Wild Style

posted by on 2014.04.07, under Music

He said you went too far thought too high of yourself
This same old town talks itself into the ground
But you’ve got that wild style yea it’s true
We all hear music but you take it all the way through

You’ve got that wild style
You’ve got that wild style
You’ve got that wild style for miles and miles

Same old love. Same old signs
Pushing luck to other sides
Same old places you could hide
Same old lows. Same old highs

Oh you got that wild side
You’ve got that wild style
You’ve got that wild style for miles and miles

Same old skirts and same old news
Same old orders and same old cues
Same old work and the same old fine
Same old places lost in wine

But you’ve got that wild style yea it’s true
We all hear music but you take it all the way through
You’ve got it!
That same old style for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles

I know you work your imaginations
Individual dreams you don’t have to ask.



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$250 Friendship Giveaway!

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CURATOR is founded on the principles of a 22 year friendship. When you’re in business with your best friend, there are many opportunities to showcase your love. When there is something unsavory to do (like firing someone or breaking up with a store) we often volunteer to spare the other person the grief.  When someone doesn’t gel with one of us, they usually love the other one.

Which brings me to one of my favorite business friendship stories about Stacy…


There was once this dye house guy I couldn’t crack.  He was a real tough nut and we basically couldn’t exist without him.  Unfortunately, one day he stopped by our office unannounced, right after I had major morning sickness. He saw me laying down through the window and decided I was a lazy ass. He started pushing our projects to the side and prioritizing everyone over us. Every time I called him, he kept giving me a hard time about it – ‘If you weren’t sleeping all the time maybe this would be done.”   I was up a wall trying to figure him out when suddenly Stacy grabbed the phone and started swearing at him. “Jim you gotta to stop giving my partner a fucking bad time about this.” A swear word every other word! I had my hands over my ears.  I was waving my arms for her to stop….but she wouldn’t.  Then POOF! Of course he became her new best friend. A couple four letter words and she worked it all out.  Suddenly our samples started coming in EARLY and they had this special relationship that I got to stay out of!  DOUBLE SCORE!

Tell us a tale about your amazing best friend and enter to win a $250 clothing gift certificate to our store.  We trust you’ll share it with them. 

Leave your story in the comments of this post.

We will pick the winner through on 3/1/14.

We’ve selected a W I N N E R !

We’re excited to announce that EUNICE  YO-WEN LIU has won our contest! Results can be seen at
Thank you to everyone for sharing your stories! 


Portrait Time

posted by on 2014.02.04, under Art


This drawing by Alessandra Olanow made me jump out of my seat. I’m so glad I did not go ADD and clicked through and experienced every last one of these. So very charming. I would love to get a custom portrait of myself with this exact caption.  Or better yet a family portrait, “Sorry we’re not good company today”.  I’d hang it at eye level above the kitchen sink, and remind myself when all other communication fails it’s time to start a dance party.




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1. Dolly Parton Pillow & Tom Selleck Pillow /  2. Birds & Bunnies 2014 Calendar  /  3.  Floss Gloss Nail Polishes  /  4. Leather Keychains  /  5. Flour Sack Towels  /  6. Mistletoe & Ivy Candle  /  7. Zig Zag Tote  /  8. Sparklettes  /  9. Teepee Incense Burner  /  10.  Skin Stick/Sea Scrub/Love Salts  /  11. Kissing Snake Ring/Tiny Moon Studs/Herkimer Diamonds/Crossed Feather Necklace

Since we love Wes Anderson….

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The Grand Budapest Hotel

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Lola Dress

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Our lovely and versatile Lola dress played a part in a very special wedding.  Eleven shining bridesmaids rocked the dress. I can certainly feel the love from here.


Photo credit by Amelia and Dan

Hair Inspiration: Cher in Mask

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Join us this Sunday, Sept. 1st!

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  • I N S T A G R A M

    • We've got your Easter brunch dress options covered!
    • Random matchy-matchy moment at our photoshoot today.
    • Regram from @betsyandiya of our Larkin pants worn by 3 lovely ladies!
    • 24 more hours to save on Fall fleece and sweaters! I heard it was freezing in NY this morning and it's a bit breezy here in the bay. ☁️⛅️🌙
    • Regram of @nikimagtotally killing it in our Mackenzie dress. 😚
    • Excited to have new cards in the shop!
    • New @flossgloss Spring colors are in. HONEY glitter, creamy BISCUITS, deep berry PICNIC, electric turquoise WET. Come n' get em. 💅💅💅💅💅
    • There's a party in our pants & you're invited! New Larkin pants up on the site!
    • There's more!!! Single strand wood necklaces. Can be wrapped 2 or 3 times. Or heck. Go big & wear them all together! ❤️ @freezybug
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