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Beach Cleanse

posted by on 2014.11.20, under Going Places


1173 Valencia Street

posted by on 2014.11.17, under Going Places

Come visit us at our pop-up shop on Valencia Street. We’re sharing the space with our buddies from Needles & Pens. We have tons of room for our merchandise,  we can even custom fit you with leather belts! Open every day 11-7pm!


Worry Not

posted by on 2014.06.28, under Going Places


California Love

posted by on 2013.01.08, under Going Places

A cool twist on a California map drafted in 1927 by Paramount, showing which areas of California could be used to evoke other parts of the world.

via Chartporn

Sleep Vacation

posted by on 2012.07.06, under Going Places

Sleep really isn’t what it used to be in these parts. I have actually surprised myself with what I can function on now. Roughly five to six frequently interrupted hours. I still pride myself on being able to fall asleep almost anywhere, anytime. My good friends also enjoy the sleep. If we should ever find ourselves in a nice hotel room, we will let each other sleep. We will always try to work in room service, and will be even better friends afterwards.


Someone take me on a sleep vacation please?



Desert Bound

posted by on 2011.12.11, under Going Places

Took a quick trip to Palm Springs a few weeks ago to celebrate the birthday of our good friend Tracy. The dude and I decided to drive there and left the city at 5am for the 8 hour cruise to the desert. I was over the moon excited when as we were almost hitting PS, I spotted the dinosaurs from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure right there off the side of the I-10. The dinos are one of those random things I’ve always wanted to see and got to unexpectedly check off my lifetime to-do list.

After the 3-day party at our rented ‘Palm Springs Villa’ – we headed to Joshua Tree and stayed the night in the Donovan Suite at the Joshua Tree Inn. Famous for the overdose and death of Gram Parsons, fans continue to come and keep his memory alive with a permanent shrine that includes 1/2 bottles of whiskey & packs of cigarettes.

Next up – an adventure to Salvation Mountain, an amazing spectacle of religious messages painted all over a man-made mountain by Leonard Knight.

We ended the trip with 2 hour drive all around the Salton Sea, California’s biggest body of water. Once a popluar vacation destination, the Salton Sea is now surrounded by almost nothing. Tiny towns practically deserted all but for what feels like a hand full of people. Stretches of abandoned and burned out trailers, rotting signs and broken windows. I’m now dying to see this documentary narrated by John Waters.



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