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Miss Tanya

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We’ve had the great fortune to have some fabulous ladies helping us out in the shop. They find us, or we find them. Sometimes the sky parts and lowers them down when we need them most. I am thankful for that. Meet Tanya below, our latest arch angel

who is often working weekends at the shop. She has both a quick wit, and an eye for organizing things. I don’t find those two qualities converging in people all that often. You?


1. What’s your most lived in Curator piece?

The Wolfe jacket for sure, I have been searching forever for a lightweight mid length coat, that I can wear for both winter and summer in sf- and then BAM! Of course it was my first Curator purchase, I get compliments all the time on it.

2. Do you have a favorite Upper Noe haunt? Our Church and 30th corner of the world can be a little sleepy….

I like the weird German trinket shoppe, don’t know the name but they have the most unique gifts in it, think marzipan people with coins in their derrières… oh and Drewes Bro Butcher shop, great owners and a great variety of local meats, super helpful!

3. Your hair is nothing short of HEROIC, do you have any hair secrets or is it just good genes?

Haha thanks, um yeah my dad still has a full thick head of straight hair and my brother has Edgar Winter locks- but for the most part I’m really lazy and prefer to spend no time on my hair, main trick is I blow dry, and hit a side part when it starts to grow out- I get about 2 cuts a year- yes lazy.

4. If I slipped you $100 you could not save or buy product with, how would you spend it?

I would hope it happened on a Monday, then I’d grab the dude and head over to Jardinière’s for the 3 course $49 prix fix with wine pairing- best way to spend a night in sf, then hit the orbit room for some silly drinks- can you make this happen for me?

5. Why do I like working at Curator?

Working at Curator is such a 180 from my other job at a music school, that it allows me to discuss fashion and have fun dressing people up in clothes and colors that they never thought they could pull off. It’s very rewarding seeing a woman leaving the store feeling awesome and confident in something she would have never tried on her own. It’s more like hanging with the ladies than work, which is great!

Thank you for being our rad shoplady!


Pop up at Makeshift Society

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Our pop up at Makeshift Society is open until Halloween. Stop by 235 Gough Street in San Francisco to check out how we’ve decked out their supply closet. This clubhouse for creatives is especially of interest if you work from home! Word on the street is you won’t even have to give up your power naps, thanks to the comfy loft the founders had installed.

Stop by and see what the magic is all about.



Micaela Greg

posted by on 2012.08.29, under Kindred Spirits

If you’re lucky enough to own a piece of Micaela Greg knitwear, then I don’t need to talk to you about their superior quality and cut. You’re likely reading this with one of their pieces on, or very close by. If Micaela Greg is all new to you, rest assured they’re investments you’ll own for decades. Spec the fancy new site they’ve just launched. My eyes are sparkling for every single thing.





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