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Waists, waists, waists…..Some of us love ours and buy clothes to accentuate it, while others hunt for clothing silhouettes that draw the eyes away from the waist.  Some of our waists changed after having children, and some change from week to week. Don’t even get us started about what PMS and gluten do to our resident waists.

We’re always in search of that easy dress that eases some of the above. In fact, one of our first clothing mantras was to always ‘make clothing you can eat in.’ We would love to hear from you about which waist style your most gravitating to these days. We’ve illustrated some common ones but feel free to include a waist we did not mention, or talk about what you’d love to see in a dress. Or do you just simply miss our old trusty classic dress?dress_outline_lineup_letters

Comment below with the waist style of dress you like best with a chance to win a $200 clothing gift certificate to our site! Winner will be picked by on August 1st.



Congrats to Naomi Hawkins-Rowe!

Drawing results can be found HERE

$250 Friendship Giveaway!

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CURATOR is founded on the principles of a 22 year friendship. When you’re in business with your best friend, there are many opportunities to showcase your love. When there is something unsavory to do (like firing someone or breaking up with a store) we often volunteer to spare the other person the grief.  When someone doesn’t gel with one of us, they usually love the other one.

Which brings me to one of my favorite business friendship stories about Stacy…


There was once this dye house guy I couldn’t crack.  He was a real tough nut and we basically couldn’t exist without him.  Unfortunately, one day he stopped by our office unannounced, right after I had major morning sickness. He saw me laying down through the window and decided I was a lazy ass. He started pushing our projects to the side and prioritizing everyone over us. Every time I called him, he kept giving me a hard time about it – ‘If you weren’t sleeping all the time maybe this would be done.”   I was up a wall trying to figure him out when suddenly Stacy grabbed the phone and started swearing at him. “Jim you gotta to stop giving my partner a fucking bad time about this.” A swear word every other word! I had my hands over my ears.  I was waving my arms for her to stop….but she wouldn’t.  Then POOF! Of course he became her new best friend. A couple four letter words and she worked it all out.  Suddenly our samples started coming in EARLY and they had this special relationship that I got to stay out of!  DOUBLE SCORE!

Tell us a tale about your amazing best friend and enter to win a $250 clothing gift certificate to our store.  We trust you’ll share it with them. 

Leave your story in the comments of this post.

We will pick the winner through on 3/1/14.

We’ve selected a W I N N E R !

We’re excited to announce that EUNICE  YO-WEN LIU has won our contest! Results can be seen at
Thank you to everyone for sharing your stories! 



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