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Crunch Time

posted by on 2009.02.13, under Uncategorized

After our vow to do more blog posts we’ve been blitzkrieged by the craziest crunch time of our business. We know it’s coming and still it seems impossible to prepare for the full scope of what we have to accomplish. Twice a year we go to Project in Las Vegas where we show our current line (spring and summer 09) and concept and create our next season Fall 2009. With over 30 new fall designs in the hopper this is a delicious and harrowing experience. At the same time we are managing spring production, summer orders and shipping out our store orders. She-bible has also started doing Coterie in New York which starts the day after Las Vegas wraps. That means Stacy will be reporting from both shows and also gone for over 8 days in the eye of the storm. Updates will follow but for now I leave you with some surburban preschool images. My little one has started going to school once a week.




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