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Customer of the Day!!!

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We had a very special customer come in today. After drawing on our sidewalk with chalk, dancing to the Kinks in the store, and getting 2 pretty dresses for her mom, the fancy lady finally got her shopping bag and left to take a well needed nap.
Thanks for stopping by today Ella!

Sample Sale Tomorrow at Isso

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Back to the Future

posted by on 2009.09.25, under Uncategorized

Keeping up a blog is no easy feat for me. I keep spacing on the password to blogger, losing my camera cord (still can’t find it and have so many amazing blog posts tied up in there), throw in a lost key here or pair of baby tennis shoes and mama’s blogging time has more than expired. I’m thankful though that some things are still easy to find.

First up we’ve been very busy. Between creating Spring 2010 (we have to do this 6 months in advance), producing and shipping Fall/Winter 2009, we’ve also opened a tiny shop. People (mostly seniors) ask me why on earth would we do this in this point and time? I answer it’s actually a product of the times. We were renting space for just a few hundred dollars a month less in rusty, dusty cold factories and we were unable to meet our customers first hand. Not able to make awesome parties or have proper dressing rooms. 1767 Church Street which will act as our design office, retail shop and party place. We are still hammering out all the details but we would love for you to come by and visit. We are closed monday open 12-8 Tuesday through Saturday. Open on sunday until at least 5pm. We will post store hours on the site soon…

I don’t have proper pics of the shop ‘Curator” but will be posting them real soon. For now you can read about the shop here on the 7X7 blog.

Above is a glimpse of our spring 2010 line that almost swallowed us whole for the 3 long months of summer. Good thing it was completely worth it!

I leave you with Julian cuteness and the intent to be back again before too much time passes!




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