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Farm Fresh

posted by on 2010.01.26, under Uncategorized

I for one love sleepovers. We packed ourselves up to Elk Grove this weekend to lounge around with some of our favorite people. All of a sudden, I was given the very spontaneous offer to ride in a tiny two seater plane.

As you can see below, I played it cool and didn’t get too excited.

Here I am with the birthday boy pilot Isaac. He was a fantastic guide, pointing out a burned out mill and an elaborate looking prison I might have missed. My seacliff jacket acted as my perfect companion too, the plane had no door so I nestled my hands up under the collar and smiled wide from ear to ear.




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We don’t look our best here, but the makeout sesh in the background makes me happy!


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Here are a few glimpses into the last week.

I’m back into thrift store shopping but with a more discerning eye. I responsibly passed on this horse head candy jar but it did make quite an impression.

Stacy and my husband have been telling me forever that I need new shoes. I certainly do but I always seem to pick the most expensive, unattainable pair and I don’t want to settle for anything less. I have problems. Yet these little numbers were the right price and shade. Purchased right in time for the rain storm.

Last but certainly not least here is my oldest nephew Kevin. He had just scored 26 points in his basketball game and was not ready to take the headband off. I can’t really blame him as he sure does look like he means business. Being an Auntie definitely rules.



Suburban Life

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I was wandering around my neighborhood full of Eichlers (sadly we don’t live in one) and stumbled upon this amazing specimen. I peered in the back and there was all this ripped up wrapping paper and post christmas chaos. Made me like the person even more than I already did!




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It’s one of my resolutions to start posting more blogs to make this section of the site snazzier and more informative about what we do. To record more of my life. Some weeks we are at our factories nearly every day developing our lines with nary a photograph snapped.

Pictured below are two ladies who oversee the making of many of our garments. They own the factory and are much like us. Great friends who get to spend their days working, laughing (and the ultimate friendship tester) problem solving together.

They were shy about getting picture taken (sounds familiar) and approved this one.

Other resolutions were to begin “jogging”. When you design clothing you become more and more aware of when you start jumping sizes. I started before the New Year so I could be more in routine when 2010 hit. Somehow this winter break seemed incredibly long and busy, with more bites of cake and games of Wii than I ever thought possible.

So I raise my fist (not glass – no alcohol either)to a beautiful 2010 and embarking on new things. I leave you with my son Julian, pictured here trying Dance Dance Revolution for the very first time.




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