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Get in Shape Grrrl!

posted by on 2010.06.29, under Uncategorized

Oh Summer is here and my big 2010 exercise plans seemed to have evaporated like the ice in my freezer when it’s not used. I have gotten on the fitness train for a few days at a time only to fall off for weeks, making those far and few days of heavy sweating pretty pointless. Soooo, I am here to announce that starting July 12th, I am going to do a bootcamp to kick my hiney into some sort of shape. Now that I have blogged it, I have to do it, right?


The Weekend

posted by on 2010.06.07, under Uncategorized

The heat turned up this weekend and we spent most of our waking hours outside. Below is my son Julian doing his best to keep cool in our backyard.

On Sunday we decided last minute to go to the Sunset Magazine festival in Menlo Park. My former self used to avoid the magazine in waiting rooms, thinking it was for old people. Now that I’ve come to terms with my oldness, I’m totally down with this magazine!  The festival did not disappoint.  There was lots of high end patio furniture to swoon over and vertical succulents to adore. Don’t forget the simple joys of red and white!




posted by on 2010.06.03, under Uncategorized

I wish i could go on a real nature walk today but for now these photos of Point Lobos are going to have to tie me over. My husband and I  were celebrating our 5th anniversary on this walk below.

I try to push work out of my mind on weekends but alas inspiration is everywhere. I was digging the rocks and drift wood. Michael reminded me it wasn’t cool to take driftwood for house ware projects.  Oh yes that’s right.

This perfect day ended when the wind kicked up and we both turned to each other and said “Ice cream”. Yes indeed it was time.




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