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Calling all Interns

posted by on 2010.09.20, under Uncategorized

It’s been a crazy hot dog summer. Stacy and I have been working our tushies off (she literally has at boot camp but that’s another story) and we need some help moving this big bad machine along. Especially rolling into the holiday season. Historically it’s been hard for this army of two to relinquish control, but we’ve finally reached our breaking point. We really do need a trusty intern or two. Below are the requirements,  please send your cover letter and resume to We are looking for a 2-3 day commitment. Flexible on times.

Pictured below is the ideal candidate, the dazzling Miss Jessica who has the ability to turn any darn thing she touches into gold.

We are looking for a Jack/Jane of all trades intern who can join our small apparel company.  There are many opportunities to learn from our wholesale, retail, and online business. Basic photoshop and Illustrator skills are a must. Web and photo skills are a major plus.  Fashion experience would be preferable. We can offer school credit and great references. Must be able to work independently offsite, and check in and deliver projects equipped with good grammar, spelling and attention to detail.  We highly value a sense of humor and the ability to take a project to completion. Some duties to include sizing and correcting photos, steaming clothes for photo shoots, gathering info and photos for blog entries, trend research, inventory, merchandising, retail, sourcing etc. This is an unpaid internship, but if the fit is right, we would consider turning this into a part time paying job. 



Half Birthday!

posted by on 2010.09.17, under Uncategorized

Julian is officially 2.5 years old! New milestones include telling me when to put my hair up and down, rolling his eyes on cue, and asking me constantly for money. This picture pretty much sums up the sass I’m dealing with.

For Julian’s real proper birthday we hired a caricature artist to draw up our guests. A true indulgence! I recently had the picture framed and it continues to make me happy!



snap shot time

posted by on 2010.09.06, under Uncategorized

Ever stumble upon a picture that just completely sums up your youth?Our dear friend Erik unearthed this photo of Stacy and I recently. It’s not the clearest picture by any means, but somehow that makes it even sweeter to me. I’m guessing we were probably 8 years deep into our friendship here. I can’t remember what exact trouble we were headed for in this photo but I’m certain we found some. I can clearly remember how happy that $0.25 cent necklace made me, and the power of the ice cold Budweiser.



Shipping away…

posted by on 2010.09.02, under Uncategorized

We’ve been busy shipping our little hearts out this week. I am one with my packing tape, uline boxes, industrial scale and of course my trusty fedex man. I wish he came a little later as I always end up having to schlep some to the station myself.

Fall is our absolute favorite season, it’s how we got started in this crazy business. Our love of layering in San Francisco weather,  and of course the pursuit of the coziest sweatshirt.  Today we were both swooning as we packed up the pieces to set them off for their new homes. It makes all the hustle of the last few months worth it.



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