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Out yonder

posted by on 2011.07.27, under Out Yonder

Here begins a new blog series, let’s see if I can keep this up?  Photos of our clothes in all kinds of different settings. Shotgunning beers, doing yoga, river dancing at bar mitzvahs, you know all the usual life in the fast lane stuff.

First up our lovely muse Sarita took our Jenny dress to rock around the streets of Paris. Is rock even the right word? She is quite a creature, that’s for sure.  There are only a few of these left, get one to live out the dog days of summer.



ps. any pictures you want to share? send them to and give us a little ditty. We will reward you in some fashion.

July Madness

posted by on 2011.07.19, under Uncategorized

July and August are busy times over here at Curator. I’m taking in a lot of sights and sounds on my work days. Here are some pics I snapped along my travels this week.

The Ikea bag i’m schlepping everywhere was way too happy to ignore.  I just snagged a Goodbyn Lunchbox for my son & a Bandit Bla Bla. Both of these goodies are now carried in store, such radical gifts for kids. The lunchbox comes with stickers you can decorate, and even has a sticker that say’s “I’m allergic to ___”. This sticker has a special place in my heart.

Next up the factory floor. One of the sewing ladies had the cutest apron on. I loved her style. She used to sew a lot in Hong Kong and this was one of her designs. Later I could see she was giving me the don’t steal this idea eye. A pretty smart lady. ;-) .

Next up T-shirts!

Here’s a sneak peak of a Dolly Parton Tshirt we have in production. We were not joking about the 9 to 5 inspiration. Printed by the prolific folks over at Ape Do Good and designed by the one and only Adele Mildred. Lonnie and Burt will be keeping her company.

Lastly an upclose of Stacy’s T-shirt – I love this for so many reasons! Classic. It’s one of the code words we have going around my house….



Sample Sale!!!

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Pastel Memories

posted by on 2011.07.09, under Uncategorized
Be still my middle school heart. This image made my hair stand on end.  Like the good old days. So much emotion and hairspray surrounding this pretty pink machine. I can still feel the mania to press record when a JAM came on KMEL that I did not have recorded!  It’s on my daybed while I try to lay down, do my algebra homework and dream about dorky boys. I’m very certain more than one person was punched over it.  The volume so easily rolled down to tell secrets.


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Here are a few images I snapped over the last week. School is out for a couple of weeks, so my three old Julian is ruling the roost! I’m beginning to understand my mother’s face when we skipped home on the last day of school. Three very long months. Oy vey.

One day: Julian figures out how to scale island to access the food cabinet. He finds the gummy bears (vitamins, how can this be?) and chocolate bear kid laxatives. :-/. Proves to be an interesting day. Did I mention it was raining and I had a 9 month old in hand?

Another Day

We decide to go to Happy Hollow with Julian’s bestie. All was pretty happy until it was time to leave.

I snapped the below picture in the middle of an epic tantrum. I wanted to fly away…

Yet Another Day

Dad’s Turn.  Dad hooked up with a friend who has a small plane and they took an adventure to Half Moon Bay to eat lunch. I was told nothing I could come up with could top this day!

Over and out!




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