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asap land

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We sometimes joke we should have called our company ASAP. I actually think the name is not half bad. Don’t steal it from me! We write that on every single thing we are working on. It’s always the truth too! I can just see our vendors rolling their eyes when we proclaim this, as if it’s the first time we’ve ever called in the favor. Truth is we need everything yesterday in this business and I don’t see that changing. (It’s really a sobering thought.) Good thing I’m drinking wine through this blog posting.
In the summer months we are mainly just driving from factory to sample sewer, to trim house, back to the factory, waiting for the dye house to drop off something crucial that completes the puzzle.  A shrink test, a sample, a new color we are developing, a button, marker, a flipping zipper. Why are the zippers always late? There is so much you are controlling, and yet so much that is dependent on the word and competence of others. Don’t forget sheer luck and attention to detail. And fusible. I weigh them all in equally. I could easily just keep my head down all of July and August and plow through what I need to do. 
But then who would read Sendak to these two rascals? I love them from every corner of my heart, and they remind me of the true meaning of ASAP.  There is no waiting on a diaper that needs to be changed, or a hungry melting down 3 year old. The samples they will get done, they must. The shipments they will surely go out. The kids they will go to bed and mom can always hippity hop back on the computer to make all that magic happen.
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Check out our Genevieve dress on Jimmy Fallon! This is exactly what we had in mind when we dreamed up this dress. The futuristic styling pairs nicely with their primal performance. No doubt you will be hearing a lot from tUnE-yArDs.




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