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Preservation Society

posted by on 2011.09.30, under Uncategorized

We have always wanted a gourmet food store. Can you tell? Check out our newest offerings from Preservation Society, we are carrying their amazing spicy pickles and Dilly beans. They are mother in law approved. $14

Sample Sale! 10/1

posted by on 2011.09.27, under Uncategorized
Major deals to be had. Clearing out the last of sizes and styles. New one of a kind styles, slightly flawed pieces, things that never were shot for the website. You could very well score yourself a new wardrobe….and remember cash is always king!

Half Moon Bay Rules!

posted by on 2011.09.21, under Uncategorized
An amazing day with the family. We ate a meal like civilized humans at a waterfront restaurant.  The kids met new friends on the seashore and entertained themselves.  Mike and I found a bodega and shared a beer with our pants rolled up and feet in the water. We had no towels and were not prepared for the sand and the sea. Sometimes that’s just the best way, too much preparation kills the beautiful thing.



Shop Esquelito

posted by on 2011.09.16, under Uncategorized

The amazing and talented Lauren Wolf just opened up her very own shop called Esqueleto in Oakland. Stop by and meet the woman behind the sting rays, fangs, agates and anvils. Wolf stocks several other jewelry designers in addition to her namesake line.  The storefront will wow you, it’s a stunning mix of  industrial meets her signature death valley aesthetic. I’d say it’s the perfect platform to showcase her raw, nature inspired pieces.

Lauren has a special place in my heart. I have been collecting her pieces over the last 8 years.  Most importantly she designed my wedding ring in collaboration with my husband. I was also treated to earrings and a stingray cuff after the birth of my children.  A seriously rad push present.

Stop by the Temescal area in Oakland and check out the beautiful space she has created. Be sure to check out the art up by Patrick Dunaway. Another east bay gem!



Out Yonder

posted by on 2011.09.13, under Uncategorized
See the lovely Jody sporting our Camille Dress while slinging her jewelry up in Portland. I think she may have shortened it too…
Check Hannah enjoying summertime in our old school gambling minidress. Oh to be in 6th grade playing on that piano again.

Little, Happy Things

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We sell a lot of little things at our brick and mortar shop that don’t make it up to our online shop (we are working on this).  After being in the neighborhood for almost two years, we know not everyone in Upper Noe is always on the hunt for clothes and jewelry. How about host/hostess gifts? It’s easy to show up to a dinner party with corner store wine but what about locally foraged jam?
Inna Jam $12.00

Or San Francisco made brazilian honey cakes, coconut shortcake or dark chocolate covered graham crackers?
Kika’s Treats $7.50

A letterpress card declaring your unending devotion?
Sycamore Street Press $5.00

A little splash of color with your coffee. Collect a family of them, like we have!
Pantone Mug $11.00


Wordsmith Show

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Dapper Dapper

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Time has been moving super fast. Weddings, fall shipments, many restless nights. A couple of decisions have been made. I need a bigger workspace, I can’t make our 400 sq foot warehouse space work anymore.  Especially not with the bulk that comes with fall merchandise. 200 long sweatshirts are like 10 men standing in my way. I probably don’t need to say it, but I don’t like men standing in my way. I like when I make a definite irreversible decision like this, because I have no choice but to make it work.

We’ve been having some fun around here to. An awesome discovery was recently made while getting ready for my sister’s wedding. Julian adores being in a tux! It really could have gone either way. Is this the parallel universe of tutus? I have to say he looks quite dapper in them as well. He was so damn charming in this thing. Oy vey.




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