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Petit Collage Sample Sale

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If you are in our hood this weekend stop by the Petit Collage sample sale! One more reason to love Lorena, 100% of the proceeds with go to Haiti’s midwife.



Our Wordsmith Show

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I Don’t Know Want To See You Anymore by Marie Potesta & Auvy Ruelos $150.00

Down on the Farm by Marie Potesta &; Auvy Ruelos $150.00

And So It Goes by Lisa Congdon $300.00

We Are In This Together by Lorena Siminovich $200.00 – SOLD

Keep Fresh And Stay Rad by Erik Marinovich $300.00

All In Good Time by Patrick Dunaway $225.00

Tomorrow May Never Come by Nathalie Roland $300.00

You Are Young, And The World Is Wide, enormouschampion $150.00

times they are a changin

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Ten years ago our good friend Lee came over to our panhandle flat to teach us how to make a website. I believe we made him a steak dinner and paid him $150.00 to set up our site in Dreamweaver and to teach us how to use it. He stayed until the wee hours of the morning and Stacy took diligent notes.   Stacy is mighty crafty with a design program and picked it right up. A few years later Lee was calling her to ask her a few questions about Dreamweaver. I am always so proud of how crafty Stacy is. She just figures shit out.

I can clearly remember receiving our first notification of payment email from our old website. Like our first wholesale order that came through the fax machine. We truly went bananas. Many outrageous dance moves were made that night and for lots of subsequent orders.

Well ten years later we are doing another set of electric dance moves.  Our old website (as grateful as we are for it) needed a serious upgrade. The site has been transformed by the fantastic Kelly of Big Friend. She is a serious force of nature. Please do take a click around the new Curator, we would love to hear any feedback you have on the changes. You can always make comments or drop us a line at Blog redesign is in the works as well (the secret’s out now that i kinda love blogging, and yes i know i’m about 5 years late to the party.)



Mission Accomplished

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The sample sale on Saturday was amazing, I was glowing afterwards. I don’t get to meet customers as often as Stacy does and it’s an important act. The sun was shining and I installed square so my cc transactions were super easy (gone are the days of writing down cc’s and billing addresses in our receipt books). One lady bribed her two kids to drive from Petaluma to dig the bins.  Another told me she owned 8 classic dresses and they have changed her life. We hugged. I watched customers babies while they tried clothes. My friend Tracy drove by in her Fire Engine yelling my name! One faithful customer told me she almost dug the bins at our last sale on her wedding day. Instead one of her friends went and shopped for her quickly before the ceremony. This made my jaw drop. It made me really miss San Francisco of course but happy to be making clothes. 
All against the backdrop of the Isso store! They have the best mix of vintage and original cut and sew. So much one of a kind goodness. Marie and Ivy the proprietresses have always been so kind to us over the years. They defy every kind of fashion stereotype there is.  Back in 2005 during our first trade show in Vegas, they personally walked over all kinds of buyers to see our lines and helped us get our first sales. This is unheard of. They’ve been helping us ever since and I simply adore them. 


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