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Walking on sunshine

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Harper Paige

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Charm and sincerity will get you far in this world. I believe that. So will a bangin’ haircut. We’ve had the great fortune to have a fabulous hair magician named Nichole Kreps touching our locks and hearts for the last decade. Not only is she one damn fine hair dresser, she’s also become one of our dearest friends.  She’s been there to do my hair hair when I got married, had important (dreaded) photoshoots (sadly we don’t photograph well), when I needed a complete style revamping after having my second child. A true artist she always put me at ease in her barber chair. She has that kind of  ESP I require in friends, knowing when you need to talk and when you don’t. That’s an essential trait in a hair stylist too btw.

After many years at the famed Cowboy and Angels salon, Nichole is now working at Harper Paige. Check them out, they’re doing wonderful, beautiful things over there. You could very easily be one of those beautiful things.





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This truck full of fabric will make beautiful things. We plan to do some exclusives with some of it, and I’m predicting they will be RAD and a bit CHEAP(er). Organizing this fabric was a pretty big feat, after projects wrap at the factories leftover fabric can get stored there for months or years. Quite a waste of money and resources. After hauling and loading it up with Stacy I was pretty torn up. Did I mention that one factory did not have an elevator? My head cold and I fell asleep last night at 6:30pm fully destroyed. But this morning I woke rubbing my hands together with all of the possibilities..




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So far the season change has not been kind to my household. First we tore through a Costco sized portion of tissue with roaring coughs and sad runny noses. Then after we mostly recovered, we did a weekend of party hopping and picked up the stomach flu. That nasty beast took our one year old out first, and my helping out mother in law last ;-(.

During house arrest, I did realize something huge. I can now put Sloan’s hair in the miniest of pony tails. The ponytails change her entire look, and they make us both hysterical. She thoroughly checked them out in the mirror, and gave me the thumbs up.

So there you nasty beast, you kept us indoors over a barrel or two, but you gave us some time to work on our ponies. I can see there are many to be tied up in our future.





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Stacy decided to throw together a last minute costume for Halloween before heading to see friends and sing Scareoke.

Walgreens $6 makeup kit + YouTube video = Kinda rad skull face. Our classic skelly tee from 10 years ago made this outfit complete but unfortunately there are no photos of that part.



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