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posted by on 2012.01.27, under Tricks Of The Trade

We’re always in some state of production. If we’re not making things, well we’re in trouble.  I have lots of horror/lucky stories about our journeys in production, but not all are worthy for public consumption. But after reading this post on east twin, west twin and spotting a can of Spot Lifter on the lovely Ursula of Modaspia’s shelf, I think I’m up for sharing this one.

Many moons ago, circa 2006 when we were very fresh at production we orchestrated our biggest run of jackets ever.  I think there were 400 of them and we were taking a big risk. When we went to unpack them to ship them out, to our horror many of the jackets had grease stains on them. We were crestfallen, one of us definitely cried. There is an unspoken rule that both of us can’t lose our marbles at the same time. I’m pretty sure I was the one crying.

But what can you do with a grease stain?  I went into a deep pit of despair, the loss of all these jackets would surely mean our company. Even if they refunded us our sewing costs they couldn’t do anything about the fabric and the $5 long zippers and all the development. The promises we made to stores to get them on their shelves etc (They rarely ever refund sewing costs by the way, unless it’s very clear it’s their mistake and even then they will suggest you sell them as seconds) Shakey handed I called our manufacturer to plead/yell/speak with her about the problem and instantly she started laughing, bring the jackets back we can fix that.

You can fix that? Really? Apparently the sewing machines sometimes get oil from their motors (rarely, it’s never happened again) on the fabric and they have this handy dandy Spot lifter that lifts the stain out of the fabric. We had to see it, and then we had to buy some.

So my disclaimer is this is not eco in any way,  but a quick squirt, wait a few minutes and rub with a towel and the grease stain is lifted. So there from one garment manufacturer to you dear consumer, I now unveil one of the factory floor secrets….The Spot lifter!

Also working in the Spot lifters favor?  It’s cool guy looks, doesn’t it look like something lifted straight out of the Mad Men set?




Music Philosophy

posted by on 2012.01.22, under Need

My dad belted out this song so many times over the course of my life, it used to make my blood boil (the mocking tone he sang it in quickly added the heat). I knew the second he started singing it, I wasn’t getting shit.  While it was both spirit crushing and maddening at the time, now I’m thankful for it. I believe the younger you realize this notion, the better off you are.

I went to push purchase to buy 4 of these bad boys (one for every one of my siblings and my dad) and it is out of stock. The irony! Looks like Music Philosophy  is a side project for this brillant person and according to his etsy profile, “he’s on Holidays climbing beautiful mountains in France.”

So perfect.



posted by on 2012.01.20, under Oh Hell Yeah!

I have always considered the 49ers to be amazing champions, it’s the backdrop of my youth.  The reality is I’ve checked out of sports for a long ass time, and they haven’t made it to the playoffs in nine years. Come Sunday I’m ready to lift from my sports fog, pour myself a cold one and watch em throw it back to the eighties.




I just can’t wait for this…

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Marketing Magician

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Looking for an PR/Marketing Intern for Curator!

Responsibilities include the following:
- Create and maintain a content editorial calendar
- Aggregate and/or create article and photo content
- Distribute content to various content websites
- Monitor and engage on various social media platforms
- Put together content for monthly newsletter
- Track website statistics
- Scout bloggers to dress and advertise

Familiar with Instagram,Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google Docs
Bonus if you know Evernote, Orchestra
Passionate about Social Media
Friendly and conversational
Fast Learner

Unpaid internship with potential to move into part-time position.
Estimated weekly hours are 5-8 hours per week, unless you have more time than that! (schedule is flexible as we are, but most days will require a minimum of 1 hour, to keep the communication constant) (minimum 6-month commitment, but longer if you’d like)
Intern will work remotely, on his/her own computer with checkins to our San Francisco based store. This is not a position we will micromanage, really needs a self starter. Opportunities for increased responsibility. Our previous interns have received school credit.

Please send resume to

The firestarters

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This New years eve was the best I’ve had since becoming a parent. It’s the first year we’ve really faced the cold hard facts. For four years Michael and I have hatched big plans to gobble down tons of champagne and get crazy with our other parent friends. We’d organize a feast, sleepover, game playing night, all the while forgetting our house is a mere 1300 square feet. Never once did our plan of champagne and raucous games result in peacefully sleeping children. We all paid the price. In fact bouncing a kid on your knee while playing heads up poker received little sympathy. Well and let’s not even discuss the hangover and the smell of our house the next day. The man farts alone were reason enough to cancel.

So cancel we did. This year we just didn’t have it in us. Last minute our dearest friends invited us over for a daytime party to feast. We opted not to drink (too much) and made 8:00 pm our midnight. We busted out the sparklers! Lit a yard bonfire! Did the count down with our kids! Our favorite pyrotechnic lit an amazing mini fireworks show with some of his stockpile. We clinked our glasses, gave our hugs and went home. 8:16pm. The next day we returned to feast on leftovers, clear headed, happy to be hangover free in the winter sunshine.

Here’s to a beautiful new tradition and a 2012 where we do things differently!






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