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The Yamaha

posted by on 2012.02.24, under Uncategorized

For seven years I’ve been going over to my mother in law’s house and admiring her Yamaha upright piano.  It possesses that seventies modern thing in furniture which slays me.  A few years ago she noticed the glimmer in my eye for it, and told me I could have the piano when I was ready. She’s that kind of lady. Just last week I looked around and decided our dance parties could really use some live music.


We found these piano course books in the bench seat. The best were the ET stickers for completing lessons and my mother in law’s handwriting FANTASTIC all over the chicken scratch worksheets. This piano has already seen a lot of love and laughter in it’s day.  I hope the four of us are ready to bring it.





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Hope to see you there!

To the Mr.

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Quote from the awesome Wild Unknown Calendar. I’ve always got one hanging in my house.



Sweater love

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I know it’s time to go to bed when I start pulling these images down for my Fall 12 research board.



Front Door Blues

posted by on 2012.02.04, under Uncategorized

Slowly but surely we’ve been fixing up our 1952 Ranch home. After nearly four years here I’d say we’re starting to make some real progress. Last week we installed 9 new windows replacing the original steel crank windows!  Though I really hated those old windows with every fiber of my being, I just love old quirky doors. We’re on the hunt for a new front door and I’m dreaming of finding something like this at a salvage yard. For home inspiration I’ve been using Pinterest way more than I ever knew was possible.

Image from Lillablanka




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