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Inky Dreams

posted by on 2012.03.29, under Tricks Of The Trade

Birthday Time!

posted by on 2012.03.15, under Family

My son Julian turns the big four today!  Per his request we started the day with pancakes, crispy bacon and his perfectly IRONED dress shirt and tie.

Happy Birthday fancy pants!


Black Houses

posted by on 2012.03.11, under Uncategorized

I love the trend of black houses and it got me thinking about Anton Lavay. Back in the day he painted his house in the Richmond district of San Francisco all black. One of our pastimes in High School  (as good Catholic School girls) was to go park, gawk and gossip in front of this house hoping to catch a glimpse of Satan. The house was highly controversial at the time, partly due to it’s hue, spiked fences that pointed inward and the occupant.  I’m happy to see black houses have come a long way since Lavay and my fascination continues.

Two shots of Lavay’s house found on google images.

My Noe Valley dream home. Looks like the NY Times is on to it’s coolness as well.

Lastly my goth summer dream home where I envision Hitchcock movies playing on repeat and wild games of CLUE going down.



Pretty Pleats

posted by on 2012.03.09, under Tricks Of The Trade

Our new spring line features soft sunburst pleating applied to skirts and a simple dress (debuting soon).  I’ve become fascinated with the process, it’s quite magical. These are shots taken from a pleater’s studio in France, but believe me the process is alive and well in West Oakland. I will attempt to take some shots of Leung’s studio next time we roll through there.

All of these photos came from Le Modalogue. The possibilities make my head spin (in that very good way!)




Garden Love

posted by on 2012.03.02, under Uncategorized



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