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It’s A Small World…

posted by on 2012.04.27, under Family

Recently we scored free tickets to Disneyland so without much thought (or sadly research) we bombed down to LA last weekend to take the park by storm. Soon after our arrival we realized a Saturday in April may not be the best time to visit the happiest place on earth. I know this is base camp rule # 1 but there were restrictions on our tickets.  I’m never ever been a Disneyland person even as kid. I’m the type that gets a headache right when I see the first line, but I was determined to make the adventure work for my kids.  I believe I could write a really funny essay about the highs and lows of our trip, but I think it’s probably better if I leave the bloody noses out of this one.




Modaspia, the movie

posted by on 2012.04.25, under Super moms

Modaspia is one of the few other brands we stock in our shop. Ursula has long been an inspiration to me, both as a business woman and a mother. She lives in the Sierra’s and makes her living making gorgeous dresses that are worn all over the world. She lives on her own terms, and she’s worked damn hard for it. Oh and she wakes up at 4:30 am!  Man alive. Watch her etsy handmade portrait for a glimpse inside her beautiful story, and prepare to fall in love as I have.



Jean Paul Gaultier at the De Young

posted by on 2012.04.15, under Hot Damn!



Dolores Park

posted by on 2012.04.10, under Uncategorized

I hit up the newly revamped Dolores Park in San Francisco with my kids this weekend and it was seriously RADICAL. On the ride home we all decided it was the coolest park we’d ever visited. The best part? You still have to be tough to kick it at this park.

The slide at the main entrance greets you with its chaos. Kids are running up and down bombing the slide together. Some headfirst. There’s no waiting till kids have stepped off at the bottom on this slide. I overheard a parent pick up his crying child at the bottom with this, “You have to be tough to ride down that slide, so decide now if you want to do it”. A perfect analysis. Julian learned what cutting was, and how to maneuver in a way that he did not cut or get pushed aside. Now that’s a life skill! I may have learned this same lesson at Dolores Park thirty years ago.

Oh and did I mention the views from the tall slides? There were huge musical instruments, swings, sand boxes and nods to the old boat theme in the previous incantation of the park. If you’re local and you haven’t visited yet, make the trip. If you’re coming to town put it on your kid list. It will definitely give you a little slice of San Francisco.



Hello Dolly!

posted by on 2012.04.04, under Out Yonder

I love receiving customer photos donning our gear. I double love when they’re working a hula hoop. Dolly would be proud.



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