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Honey Interview

posted by on 2012.06.15, under Us

We’ve been a two woman operation for more than a decade, so it’s kind of a big deal when we bring a new person in the mix. Meet the lovely Meghan who’s joined our crew. You’ve likely seen her on our website and perhaps working the shop during the week.  Read below as I geek out and ask her a few questions.

If we stormed into the store, handed you a $100 and demanded you to go have fun immediately where would you head?
Honestly depends on the time of day! If in the daytime, I would get my dog Tia, call some friends and buy lots of wine, cheese and bread and sit in the park. If in the evening, I would put on Curator’s Lola or Matty dress and head straight to Blue Plate and order one of everything. Are you guys noticing how much my life revolves around good food?

Bike or car?
Bike! I have to cutest light pink vintage Schwinn Prelude.

Favorite hood in the city?
The Mission by far. It’s where I live and it’s become such a fun community to be a part of. Plus the burritos are to die for!

What are you three favorite curator pieces and why?
1. I love the Lola Dress. It’s classic and feminine and perfect for almost any occasion and any personality… I’ve seen all types of women try the Lola on and it really brings out something special in each person.
2. The Ukiah is my go to for when I want to FEEL like I’m in my pajamas but LOOK like I’m a put together, fashionable woman. You can dress it up or down and I cannot emphasize enough how comfortable it is.
3. The Kimmie Tee. At first glance it seems really casual … especially because of how soft it is. But then you put it on and it oozes sex appeal. I’m a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl and this is the perfect shirt to throw on and grab some attention.

You’re one tall drink of water (6 feet tall ) Did you ever play hoops?
Haha! I played hoops when I was very young but was more of a “bad girl” in high school so they stopped recruiting me. Plus I feel like the older I get the less coordinated I am. Probably for the best I stay away from basketball.

Coordinates of a place on your dream list of travels?
I have never been to New Orleans and it seems incredible! I will be eating non-stop.

What’s the best part about working at Curator?
The moment I get to tell someone that all the clothes are made in San Francisco. I love that the company supports the community and that the community supports them. It’s a great thing to know what you’re buying and where it’s coming from and I think the ladies of Curator make it all the more fun and accessible with their clothing.

Tell me which you prefer…
oxfords or heels: oxfords
flat iron or curls: curls
invest or save: invest
swim or bask: bask

Pictures taken from Meghan’s instagram, follow her around honeylunne





In A Cloud II – New Sounds from San Francisco

posted by on 2012.06.08, under Music

We always have music playing in the shop, so i was excited to hear about this compilation of unreleased recordings by some of SF’s finest. Only 850 copies pressed. Artist list includes Vetiver, Sonny & the Sunsets, Kelly Stoltz, Tim Cohen, Ty Segall and a bunch more.

It’s basically playing on repeat here today!

Take a listen for yourself here: SOUNDCLOUD


Or buy a copy here: SECRET SEVEN RECORDS




Sharing Is Caring

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