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Modcloth Academy

posted by on 2012.07.25, under Uncategorized

We will be all buttoned up for this on Saturday! Speaking on the panel of how to kickstart a fashion label. Tickets sold out quick…




Cruel Summer

posted by on 2012.07.17, under Us

We’ve been facing some major challenges this past week.  Our faithful, brilliant dye house has caught fire and taken out most of our July delivery. Over 600 garments gone. Poof! We’re focusing on the bright sides, as no one was hurt and we do have insurance.

I’ve received two amazing encouragements during this fiasco.

1. Dad,  “Well will all see what kind of business person you are now.”

2.  Laurie of Hawthorn boutique has promised to build us a forcefield made out of unicorn glitter and pegasus feathers to stop the craziness that keeps being thrown our way.

Between my father’s tough love and Hawthorn’s force field we’re gonna get through this. Oh yeah and Allied Insurance we need you too.

Stay tuned,


P.S.  I have no clue where this image was pulled from. I was cleaning off my desktop and it invited me to speak.

Sleep Vacation

posted by on 2012.07.06, under Going Places

Sleep really isn’t what it used to be in these parts. I have actually surprised myself with what I can function on now. Roughly five to six frequently interrupted hours. I still pride myself on being able to fall asleep almost anywhere, anytime. My good friends also enjoy the sleep. If we should ever find ourselves in a nice hotel room, we will let each other sleep. We will always try to work in room service, and will be even better friends afterwards.


Someone take me on a sleep vacation please?




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