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YKK to the rescue

posted by on 2012.10.23, under Family

Recently my kids have turned a tiny corner. Instead of fighting every 5 minutes, it’s stretching to every 15 minutes or so. It’s given a great boost to family morale (of course I’m jinxing this by even mentioning it). See below the kids are bonding over YKK zipper colors. The fold outs span over their carseats initiating a non-violent discussion about color. Not unlike what Stacy and I do daily.  I’m seriously considering giving these swatch cards out out for xmas gifts.




Pop up at Makeshift Society

posted by on 2012.10.22, under Kindred Spirits

Our pop up at Makeshift Society is open until Halloween. Stop by 235 Gough Street in San Francisco to check out how we’ve decked out their supply closet. This clubhouse for creatives is especially of interest if you work from home! Word on the street is you won’t even have to give up your power naps, thanks to the comfy loft the founders had installed.

Stop by and see what the magic is all about.




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