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Oh Beauty

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An anonymous duo has been unveiling these intricate chalkboard drawings in their Arts College in Columbus, Ohio. They call themselves Dangerdust and the pieces are all done with dollar store chalk.  There are tons more but these three struck a direct chord to my heart.

Read more about it here:

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Factory Floor: Moon Chuen

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Yesterday while I was dropping off some wash care labels to the factory I saw the cutter Moon Chuen laying out paper markers ever so meticulously. He has this way of using long rulers to flatten everything that makes the process look like a dance. Not one motion wasted. He was jumping from table to table bending down straightening things out, so fluidly. Clearly a man who is at one with his craft.  I love that my work day involves taking in these scenes.

I have always been drawn to factories, and luckily our home town San Francisco has a vibrant sewing industry. Currently we work with 4 factories across San Francisco. During production time we visit 2-3 times a week.  Most of these factories have a specialty – some do athletic wear, others do it all simultaneously cranking out the S & M gear right next to frilly aprons.  You can’t help but smile. Moon Chuen works at our main knit factory located in the Bayshore district. It’s a large family run factory which can fulfill bigger orders, up to 10,000 pieces per style.  When a marker comes in he lays out the fabric, let’s it settle and lays the paper marker on top of the fabric.  He then uses an electric cutting tool to cut the fabric into pieces to be sewn.  His meticulous nature comes in handy here in all aspects of the cutting and sorting as well.

Visiting the factories is an education in and of itself, you might overhear a conversation about shrinkage and learn a new trick that saves you time and money. SCORE! You may see a new fabric supplier name on a fabric roll and find something that has eluded you for years. DOUBLE SCORE! Or the cutter is gracious enough to jump down and help you lift a roll of fabric and let you take his picture.

Thank you Moon Chuen for taking such great care with our projects.



Creative Process

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Stretch It

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Spring 2015 research and development is well underway.  We’re feeling pretty grown up over here, investigating all kinds of neutrals and simplicity.  This photo reminded me to never forget what we all want in our basics.  Clothes you can reach down and touch those wiggily toes in.




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